We are innovators, creators, and life-long learners. We live Life on the Move by focusing on progressing physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially everyday.

At Gomatic, our philosophy is grounded in the idea that our only real commodity is time. Our goals are focused on living more intentionally and on helping move toward the best version of yourself.

A Life Well Lived

Gomatic was founded in 2014 and has been bringing products to market that have category-leading functionality, design, and durability. Whether you are moving toward a destination or toward the best version of yourself- A LIFE ON THE MOVE is a life well lived.

Founded in 2014

Gomatic started with a single innovative product. Two cousins, Jon Richards and Jacob Durham, launched a crowdfunding campaign hoping a few dozen people would support their idea. To their surprise over 6,000 people backed the product, setting the stage for future products and designs. The company has continued to bring innovative photography, travel, everyday products and accessories to the global market that have category-leading functionality, design, and durability. Crowdfunding has been a strategic part of our success with more than $15.7M raised, as of 2023, allowing us to push the envelope on our design, materials, and quality. We’ve relied on a close relationship with our customers from the beginning working to meet and exceed expectations.

Gomatic makes
innovative products

Gomatic makes highly functional, durable, and innovative products for Photography, Travel, and Everyday life.  Our gear is based on the belief that thoughtful design inspires confidence allowing you to live more intentionally.