16 Reasons to Use a Minimalist Wallet

16 Reasons to Use a Minimalist Wallet

Can you think of any reason not to carry around one of the best slim wallets on the market? Neither can we, but we can sure think of a lot of reasons why you should. There are at least 16 points of solid, airtight logic behind the benefits of minimalist wallet use and why you should definitely ditch the chunky old money briefcase that you’ve been carrying around.

  1. A thinner wallet gives you more room in your pockets for your keys, your phone, and other personal essentials.
  2. The best slim wallets can fit comfortably in your front pocket, which will prevent you from sitting on your wallet and everything inside.
  3. You’ll be a lot more comfortable, now that you won’t have to sit lop-sided with a thick, worn-down wallet under one cheek.
  4. Since you won’t be sitting, falling, and shifting on your back-pocket wallet anymore, you can bet that your cards are going to last a lot longer.
  5. And while we’re on the subject, you can add that extended lifespan to your wallet as well, seeing as how you can keep it in your front pocket.
  6. Thick pockets are far more likely to attract pickpockets and petty thieves while you’re touring foreign lands. One of the many benefits of a minimalist wallet is that it’s hardly noticeable.
  7. You can improve your professional or formal appearance by eliminating the obvious wallet bulge in either your shirt pocket or your pants pocket.
  8. You can expect to stay organized now that you have minimal room in your wallet. Say goodbye to all of those useless business cards, expired punch cards, and stray receipts.
  9. Switching to a slim wallet can also save you loads of time (in small amounts) that will add up over time. Think of all the times you remove your wallet from your pocket before you can sit down, or how much time you spend rifling through all of those unnecessary cards and receipts to find the one you actually need.
  10. As the world progresses to a cashless society, the need to carry wads of cash in your wallet will quickly decrease and the majority of wallets will inevitably become slimmer as a result. May as well jump on the trend ahead of the pack, right?
  11. Another one of the numerous benefits of minimalist wallets is that their slim size can only handle so much cash. So, if ever your wallet is stolen, you don’t have to panic over all of the cash that you’ll never see again; all you have to do is cancel your cards and you’re in the clear.
  12. Compact wallets are also harder to lose, whereas big bulky wallets barely fit in your pocket and are at risk for falling or slipping out every time you sit or stand.
  13. Switching to a thinner wallet can benefit your physical health. Crazy, right? Sitting on a big, bulky wallet for extended periods of time (say, while you’re driving to and from work every day) can really throw off your spinal alignment and cause pain in your back, shoulders, and hips.
  14. The best slim wallets can even end those acute pain spasms that shoot down your leg, or those sudden pinched nerves in your lower back. Yes, these painful symptoms can also result from sitting lop-sided on your gigantic wallet.
  15. By upgrading your wallet to a slimmer, better version of itself, you can avoid the embarrassment of pulling out a dated, overweight wallet with worn leather. Or even worse: velcro.
  16. Lastly, minimalist wallets make it a lot easier to switch wallets. If you have different wallets for different occasions, or if you want a new wallet, it’ll be a whole lot easier to transfer your minimalist belongings.

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