11 Gifts For Travelers (that They Actually Want)

11 Gifts For Travelers (that They Actually Want)

Buying gifts for travelers can be challenging because they aren’t the kind of people who want just stuff — they value experiences. So your task is to give them a gift that’s going to make those experiences even better. Here are 11 items that will improve their traveling experiences. Plus, even though they’re away, your gift will make them think of you.

So, here are the best gifts for travelers:

Ororo Heated Jacket

When you’re traveling, you don’t have space to bring lots of layers for different climates — that’s what so great about the Ororo jacket. On a cold morning, you can turn on the heater in the coat. When it heats up in the afternoon, turn off the heater and you’ve still got a light jacket to keep you comfortable. Best of all, this coat isn’t going to take up a lot of space in your carry on.

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GOMATIC Travel Pack

The GOMATIC travel bag takes all your favorite features and puts them in one bag — making this the most functional travel bag ever. With over 20 features (including the ability to expand from 20 to 30 liters and a TSA-ready laptop sleeve that allows you to leave your tech in your bag when going through security), the travelers on your gift list will agree this bag is the best gift they’ve ever gotten.

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Que Water bottle

The que Bottle is collapsible, lightweight and leakproof, so it’s super practical for travel. Not only that, but it’s BPA and plastic-free so it’s good for you and the environment. Get it in a whole bunch of awesome colors.

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Coalatree Original Kachula

Referred to as the “Swiss army knife of blankets,” this blanket is a great gift for travelers. Besides being used as a blanket, the kachula can be a poncho, a pillow or a stuff sack. It’s also stain-resistant, anti-microbial and water resistant.

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Enso ring

If you’ve ever left your diamond ring at home when traveling abroad or removed it for a dip in the pool, you recognize the value of a silicone ring. Travelers need a ring that’s durable and that’s what makes Enso so great: They can be comfortably worn in a variety of situations without sacrificing style. Enso’s silcone rings come in a variety of designs for both men and women, so you can find the right fit for every traveler on your gift list.

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VACAY Sunglasses

Every traveler needs a pair of shades for those days in the sun. VACAY sunglasses are durable and high-quality, but at a lower price point than their competitors. These sunglasses are the high-style gift that won’t bust your holiday budget.

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Fuse Charger Reel

Probably the worst part of traveling with your tech is untangling the mess it turns into. Fuse’s side winder allows you to wind your charger in five seconds. Not only that, but they also promise to eliminate cable fray.

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GOMATIC Notebook

Incomparable features — like whiteboard paper, two elastic bookmarks, three ribbon bookmarks and a large indentation to hold a pen — set this notebook apart. For any traveler who writes while on the go, this is the notebook they need.

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Flip 30 Power Bank

Travelers don’t always have the luxury of charging their tech, or even their power banks. GoalZero eliminates this issue with solar-ready capabilities, meaning tech can be powered by the sun, not a hole in the wall. The best part is this power bank doesn’t sacrifice output or capacity by using solar power.

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MyFAK First Aid Kit

Travelers so often neglect to bring simple safety items when they’re on the go. Show your traveler you care about their safety by giving them a compact first aid kit that’s designed to be adaptive, functional and indestructible.

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Tarah Pro JayBird Headphones

Because travelers don’t always have an opportunity to charge headphones, the Tarah Pro — with industry-leading battery life — is the way to go. They’re also weather-proof, very durable, have pivoting buds and a crisp sound.

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